Wednesday, January 29, 2020


The Kronotech offer consists of hardware and software solutions, modular, integrated, reliable and competitive for quality and price. The twenty-year process of products development has consolidating its position as a manufacturing company.

Furthermore, Kronotech means ability to study the customer needs and concerns to design and develop integrated solutions with high technological content, ensuring its presence and qualified assistance at any time and for any need.

As well as the market, even Kronotech evolves, and provides cutting-edge solutions. All devices branded Kronotech integrate design and functionality to better conform in the contexts of destination. Software Tools complete the offer portfolio with intuitive and easy to use interface.

Kronotech develops its own solutions using different reading technologies

- magnetic stripe reading: popular technology and economic, enables the recognition and decoding of the data recorded on every single card in Standard format ISO HiCo and LoCo;

- radio frequency reading: exploiting the potential of RFID frequencies LF, HF and UHF,  solutions with proximity reading technology,  ensure the identification of tags at different distances, making them particularly suitable in different scenarios;

- biometric reading: the fingerprints of every individual become, with this technology, the key to access and recognition. An effective, accurate and extremely functional solution

All terminals can communicate via RS232 and RS485, via Modem  or GSM/GPRS, Ethernet 10/100, PoE in Wifi 11b/g, ensuring a safe and fast process of data trasmission

Kronotech also offers a wide range of hardware accessories (antennas, converters, readers, printers, etc.) constantly updated and implemented.

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