Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Research&development is a core area of Kronotech activities: the interaction of the professional technicians pool with the marketing staff allows the definition of integrated customer-oriented systems, able to anticipate the evolution of any forthcoming scenarios.

Kronotech Research&development is characterized by: :

  • Technology

Technology is a focus of attention of research activities: Kronotech advanced tools support the research from the design step up to the final checks. Using these instruments, the developers are able to work out innovative solutions formulated to simplify and optimize the data management within different areas of application.

  • Flexibility

Kronotech makes available its know-how and technological qualified expertise with the aim of meeting the needs of customers, customize  systems, making them unique and functional. The ICT team engineers, on the basis  is able to develop modules, components, and systems that are reliable, intuitive and implementable.

  • Environmental sustainability

Kronotech today puts even more effort in research and application of eco-friendly solutions.  The environment care is present in all research steps, from design to prototype development, Kronotech evaluates and analyzes logical connections and materials in order to optimize efficiency and respect for the environment.

  • Prototyping

Kronotech, in collaboration with its partners, carries out special prototypes in order to analyze the efficiency and the compliance to the specific requirements of each solution. This task guarantee a complete customer satisfaction and increase their competitiveness.

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