Saturday, February 22, 2020

Vehicle gates

Kronotech solutions for gates control are structured and functional hardware systems that ensure high coverage of the requirements of Safety Security Company


To meet the different needs and characteristics of the customers, the systems can be configured with the use of UHF technology  (passive tag) or with solutions combined UHF + MIFARE ® and UHF +125 KHz Read Only, which ensure maximum performance and integration with different systems of corporate control.

The TAG may be as badges or applied directly to the vehicle in the form of a sticker, ensuring the recognition of vehicles up to 6 meters distance and 20 km / h speed of the vehicle.

The antenna is located near the gate, detects the information contained in the TAG and, on the basis of credentials and access authorizations, authorizes the lifting of the bar.

Kronotech  vehicle gates systems are highly customizable and offer several configuration options, including:

- Double barrier for greater control and to avoid queues of not recognized or not authorized vehicles;

- Inclusion of personal PIN codes;

- Implementation with video surveillance systems;

- Different modes of operation day/night

- Acquisition of images via IP cameras


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