Thursday, November 21, 2019


KA-03 is the innovative and compact, terminal for Attendance and Access Control, safe and built with the most modern technologies.

KA-03 allows access through badge or badge + pin-code, works in offline mode (passive monitoring of the openings) and online mode (active monitoring in real time of the openings), with the possibility to switch from a mode to the other in a transparent manner. It also allows you to program access based on time slots and days of the week and to fully manage tables of access control and its users, both from the pc as from keyboard.


• Reader (RF) proximity approved frequency 125 KHz (on request RW 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz I-Code)

• Reader (WB) magnetic swipe track 2 ISO 7810

• Dot-matrix display 8-character alphanumeric LED high brightness and high contrast

• membrane Keyboard 12 keys

• Power supply 9 +27 Vdc power supply (optional)

 Kronotech offers specifics accessories for KA-03

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