Sunday, March 29, 2020


Access Control & Security

Kronotech access control Systems represent the technological answer to the new needs of protection and security of modern companies.

Kronotech system fully manage the control gates, recognition of staff, access to selected areas and identification of vehicles; it also allow data processing and periodical audit reports.

Thanks to the detailed analysis  of the reality and needs of each client, team Kronotech design and develop custom solutions; all devices are selected to be adequate and to provide practical and highly secure control systems



The mission of Kronotech is to provide solutions able to guarantee a fully automated management of activities and services to organizations and enterprises

Kronotech designes and develops automated systems which satisfy each needs of the clients and which guarantee a higher level of control and security, thanks to the potential of devices and software.

Applying kronotech solutions, you may limit human intervention to carry out different procedures (identification and verification of authorization to access execution of certain activities).

Kronotech solutions actively contribute to the process of continuous improvement of enterprises, institutions and infrastructure, facilitating the optimization of human and economic resources.


RFID Applications

kronotech uses its years of experience to accommodate and meet the needs of the customer with innovative solutions, effective and decisive.

RFID technology has a lot of potential and ensures ease of use for the end user and management for businesses and organizations; kronotech exploits these potential to develop customizable integrated systems, scalable and flexible

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